So this is the day that Jesus came to Earth to show us the way to Heaven.  In Matthew, it starts listing all the generations preceding Jesus.  It’s funny how he lists all this history from Adam to Joseph.  Then we’re supposed to come to the conclusion that Jesus was in the line of David.  I could be mistaken, but neither Matthew 1 or Luke 3 refer to the lineage of Mary.  And of course, since Jesus was born of the “virgin” Mary, we can pretty much ignore all of Joseph’s line.  So at least, as it is written in the Bible, Jesus was not of any royal lineage, only his step-dad was. 

Was there a reason why God chose to clearly keep Jesus “out” of the line of kings?  For that matter, why a virgin birth?  Was it just another miracle?  If you believe the Bible, Jesus did plenty of miracles to prove himself, and after the Red Sea, I don’t think God needed any more miracles to prove his power.  A virgin birth is a pretty small act.  Maybe God was trying to show us something else. 

It’s amazing how all the other religions refer to Jesus in someway or another.  Of course, only one claims him to actually be God, but in order to have that kind of global influence during those times of little to no worldwide communication is unbelievable.  One day, we’ll understand how unbelievable he was.  And when we do, we’ll lift the veil of maya, break the chains of karma, and reach that state of suchness which is to be in Heaven, in the presence of God. 

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