A Mother’s Words of Wisdom

My Mom is not someone you might term as a logical person.  She speaks from her heart, from her gut, her foot and only then her head.  For as long as I can remember, I recall times when my Dad, Brother and I would laugh at some of the crazy things she would say or do.  She once told me that going from point A to point B is not necessarily the same distance as going from point B to point A.  Needless to say, she never helped me with geometry.

I have mentioned that the reason I became agnostic was a preference to not allow faith to be the only reason why I more or less condemned the rest of the non-Christian world to hell.  I was brought up believing that non-Christians would go to Hell because they did not believe in Jesus as their Savior.  (My baby girl and wife just webcammed me from the US, so I’m in a good mood now.  Maybe it will show.) 

One day, in my early agnostic life, I asked my Mom if she would clearly state that her best, non-Christian friend was going straight to Hell.  After all, that is the Christian way.  All others must go to Hell for us to be going to Heaven.  I thought my Mom was crazy.  How could she not accept what was clearly in the Bible?  She just kept repeating, “I know that God has shown me a way to Heaven, who am I to judge the path that Chitra Aunty has chosen?”  I could never understand how she could not confirm what the Bible clearly says.  I chalked it up to my Mom’s lack of rationale.

Here I am ten years later reading about convergenism and finally seeing the wisdom in her words.  The understood Christian philosophy of condemning all others is meaningless to me.  However, my Mom’s understanding was simply, in the words of the Blind Men, I don’t know what the other two blind men felt.  They could have felt the same object or a different one.  All I know is what I felt and that understanding has shown me “my” way to Heaven. 

My Mom, a closet convergenist. 

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