Why I’m not a Hindu.

What’s the difference between Convergenism and Hinduism?

When I was in high school, I was an ardent Christian, and I had some Hindu friends.  They couldn’t understand why I would not “accept” their religion.  In my mind, if I believed my religion, that meant that all other religions were false.  It would be as if I was saying the world was round, and they were saying the world was flat.  How could I accept their claims? 

The way my friends explained it wasn’t quite the best way and it came across as if they were just religious for the sake of being religious.  They just wanted to pray to something for moral support.  That mentality is a total sign of weakness for me.  How could you believe in something just because you want to without really believing it?  It’s like having an imaginary friend who you know is imaginary. 

Obviously, now I understand them a little bit better.  Whether they realized exactly why they could accept all religions I don’t know, but I do understand that Hinduism itself believes that there is one God which we can truly not understand.  He exists outside our “plane of existence”.  For this reason, we have created many “stories” to describe his attributes as we see them.  And then we choose to worship these stories and symbols (idols) which represent these stories to us. 

This is where I differ from Hinduism.  That last line I have written about worship is the difference.  Convergenism, though it’s poorly named and sounds like a religion, is not a religion at all.  It is a hypothesis.  The hypothesis is the same as the underlying theme of Hinduism, we are all observing the same God.  If it is proven a strong enough hypothesis, then the hypothesis becomes a theory.  However, no where in science would we worship a theory.  We would not worship it any more than if we would worship the sun once it was proven as the center of the solar system. 

I want Convergenism to be the hypothesis that is eventually proven right by science.  If and when it is proven correct, then science will move on to the next hypothesis.  It will not stop and worship this one.  Religion does that.  Religion takes a hypothesis and makes it satisfactory and acceptable enough to worship.  Worship is the opiate of the masses which we hear so much about. 

Just because God is real, and even if he came down to Earth in the form of Jesus to show us the way to reach nirvana, why would we worship him.  We would thank him, feel appreciative, look forward to fully understanding what he showed us, but we would not worship him any more than we would worship Albert Einstein, Stephen Hawking, or any other great scientific contributor.  The Bible itself does not speak of worship, it speaks of loving Jesus and embracing God. 

Hinduism seems to me to be created as an opiate for the masses.  We find a belief that suits our needs, and that is acceptable.  Hinduism uses the excuse that we are still worshipping the same God, but the fact we need to worship him is what differs between Hinduism, Christianity, any other religion, and Convergenism.

This is why I stipulate that Convergenism is not a religion.  It is the faith that all religions stemmed from the initial observations of a God, essence, natural phenomena, which we do not understand.  It was discovered by those unique individual “scientists” who trained themselves for the study of this phenomena.  It is the hope that we will continue to study this phenomena and as a result grow closer to understanding how we are a part of it. 

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  1. kido … though I’m a Hindu yet in many ways I’m understanding and supporting ur views against the typical ‘Hinduism’ … I have my respect to all religions of this world … I feel them only as different belief systems … nothing more than that … but I personally feel like ‘humanity’ is the greatest religion of all those existing ones …. I don’t know whether you’ve heard about Vivekananda or not … he was a great sage from India … He interpreted religion as ‘realization’ … I really want to believe in that term only … and realization is individualistic in nature … you know it depends to a greater extent on personal experiences of life and the way that person tries to perceive or analyze it … hence, in this regard I’m also not a proper Hindu who is merely influnenced by social conventions or systemic pressures n being an aspiring nonconformist possess some strong convictions regarding life people n society which enable me to striving for a life where my spirit my own self will be my religion … I want to live in a world where I’ll get an opportunity that I won’t have to belong to any other religons at all … I don’t have any problems or any conflicts with them at all but still the way this world is suffering so much out of those religions I happily want to leave all of them n I hope they too will feel the same about me .B’bye.

  2. Hope I can explain this and I pray that your eyes will also see this :
    One cannot put Jesus on the same level as anyone else. What He did for us, noone else could or would do. He chose to give up His Glory and awesome Power to be contained in a human body, to suffer at the hands of His creation just so that you and I live with Him always…
    He did not “just” show us the way …. He IS the way. He became it when He sacrificed Himself on the cross. Matthew 28:9 speaks of the women who worshipped the risen Jesus and Before the great commission, the discipls worshipped Him- NOTE that through all of this, He did not stop them when they did because after His crucifixion He was resurrected and raised back to His original position of authority and “Lordship” . He defeated death and Satan has no hold/claim over us like he did before.
    In other words, He deserves all our worship because of what He did for us. I hope you figure out and understad exactly what was paid for and to what purpose Jesus died on the cross. It wasnt a small thing. It was a huge God- sized thing that only God could have achieved! I am gonna stop now- coz I have started rambling 🙂

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