The Others

Have you ever felt that something isn’t quite right with the world?  Usually, I get this way when I think about my perception of things. 

We associate the color “white” with “good”.  If the color we see is really the color that is reflected from an object, then what we call “white” is really everything but the color “white”.  And what we call “black” is only the color “white”.  Now take that in the context of racism.  Throughout history, the ligher skin-toned demographic has always justified slavery on the basis of color.  White symbolizes purity.  White symbolizes holiness.  White symbolizes God.  When in reality if white is purity, then the fairer skinned group is rejecting purity, is rejecting holiness, and is most definitely rejecting God. 

Likewise, another perception that thoroughly confuses me is the way in which we view time.  Without getting into special relativity, light hits us in waves.  Our reality at any given instant is really just the summation of the set of waves that hit us at that time.  This is most clearly evident when we think of stars.  We think we saw the stars last night, but in reality, what we saw is what happened millions of years ago.  It’s not that we’re time-travelling.  It just took that long for the light wave from the star to get to our eye. 

So in reality what we see is much like a movie.  The set of waves that hit our eye are like a frame in a movie reel.  The image from each frame is hitting our eye in a specific sequence.  When the movie reel moves fast enough, we see motion, and more importantly, we think we are seeing time.   The reason I say we think that we are seeing time is that, what happens if the movie reel moves in reverse?  The movie appears to go backwards.  Now imagine if that were to happen in real-life, it would appear as if we were moving backward in time. 

But the confusion I have is that I never really think of time as related to the motion of light, or the motion of anything for that matter.  If we were all blind, I would have assumed that time would still exist in the same sense as it does now.   Because time is supposed to be an abstract absolute in the universe.   However, with the movie reel analogy in mind, without sight, then time might have been related to the motion of sound, or touch, or one of our other senses.  Time would have meant something different.  It might have moved slower since sound moves slower than light, even though we are really all the same beings.  Yet, we are all intuitively convinced that time has nothing to with motion or our senses.  It just is time.  And it appears infinite. 

All of this just means that time is really just our imagined perception of a motion.  Our perception of time is clearly confused.  Just like the characters in the movie appear to be moving through time, the same is true for us.  We just appear to be moving through this abstract concept called time.  But just as time in the movie reel, can appear to be moved in any direction, so can time in our reality, at least theoretically. 

The point of all this is the following.  Many people have come up with the notion that maybe we’re not alone.  Maybe there are ghosts, or demons, or angels, or gods, or one super God.  All of these are interpretations of a sensation of something else that most likely exists.  However, when we try to explain this something else, we speak in terms that seem ridiculous.  In all those entities I mentioned, they are all inside our reality but time is infinite for them.  And that is a paradox to most of us.  How can God always have existed?  There must have been a time-based starting point, a beginning. 

This concept is conceived in many movies, such as the Matrix or the Others.  We think we are seeing something, but in reality, we are observing something else.  It is that observation combined with our preconceived notion of ourselves that confuses us.  The Matrix had to be fake, and Morpheus must have been a super-hero.  Somehow that is more plausible than if our perception of reality was wrong and the observation of Morpheus’s powers was not quite what it seemed.  The same is true for the Others and many similar movies. 

When we see Morpheus without our confused notion of reality, we see what he really is and things logically make sense again.  The same could be true for God and angels and the rest.  When we see God within the confines of our reality, we see him as some supernatural being who defies nature and even logic.  But what if these entities are outside our reality.  When we play a movie, we are existing outside of the movie reel; we have the power to fast-forward, jump ahead, jump to the beginning, or even change the picture by altering the frames before they happen.  What if God exists outside of the movie reel in our context?  Try not to explain God as having the power to change reality, but instead, as having the power to fast-forward the movie reel; to change the frames in the movie, to change the waves of light that are hitting our eyes and all the other waves that are hitting our senses.  The concept of God being omnipresent, omniscient, omnipowerful, etc. becomes logical. 

And with time as no longer an abstract absolute, but just another perceived motion.  Is there any difference between our movie reel and God’s?

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