BRHM.  In India, you might pronounce this Barahama (Brahma).  In the West, you might pronounce this Braham (Abraham).  It’s a pretty amazing coincidence that my uncle, a devout Christian, introduced me too.  If you consider the fact that Abraham’s wife was Sarah and Brahma’s consort was Saraswati, it becomes even more unusual.

Is it possible that stories of Abraham and Sarah drifted southeast in South Asia?  Or perhaps, based on the historical timeline, perhaps the stories and practices of the early Hindus migrated northwest. 

Is the omnipresent God of Abraham and the pantheistic God of Brahma really the same God?

There are plenty of random sites that support this theory.  Here’s one of them: http://www.mondovista.com/abraham2.html

Of course, this all makes sense when we think of convergenism, all religions worshipping the same elephant. 

The really sad aspect is that, if this is true, then in reality, convergenism might be a misnomer.  Maybe it should be renamed to divergenism.  We all started from the same source; we are too stubborn, cliquish, and arrogant to listen logically to one another; we spend the rest of time diluting the truth into representations of our own human, illusory desires. 

I used to wonder why there were so many different denominations in Christianity.  The answer is once again divergenism.

So I think I might be wrong in stating the hypothesis that the world is converging on the truth.  It’s more probably the opposite.  One generalized argument I couldn’t hide from was how chaos theory supports my concept of convergenism.  Clearly, it doesn’t.

I think I will spend the rest of my life hoping for convergenism as a miraculous reform of society.  It symbolizes a unification and symbiosis of ideas, when the opposite seems to be the reality.  The truth exists, and it exists as a vertex of thought, but the nature of society seems to drift further and further away from that singular truth. 

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