Gay Marriages or Abortion: Pick one

Recently, a friend of mine asked the question on Facebook, “if you had to vote to ban gay marriages or to ban abortion, which would you choose?”  She had a pretty good response.  What really surprised me was the number of people who voted to ban gay marriages.

Depending on your beliefs, it seems to me that one is a question of whether or not you a life is saved and the other is whether or not you choose to allow the happiness of a couple you believe are sinning.  And yet, using the Bible as a defense, many chose a ban on gay marriage.  

Jesus himself said that we should not judge, and he spent much time socializing with the “sinners” of the day.  It was the pharisees who made laws enforcing their definition of sin.  They were the one’s who passed judgement and shunned the sinners.  And Jesus chastised them many times for that.  

The suggestion that there is a health benefit (HIV) is hollow since the health benefit comes from abstinence, not the refusal to give a marriage certificate.  

The policing role of the government exists to protect human rights, not remove human freedoms based on a perceived moral law.  

It seems that, to many people, being “Christ-like” involves forcing others to not sin.  For those who believe they are doing God’s will by voting for a ban, they must take a second look at what they are trying to accomplish.  Is banning gay marriage preventing sin in any way?  Or is it just a way of rejecting a sinner? Regardless of the answer, in the end, salvation is dependant on the free will to chose it in favor of sin.  For salvation to be given, sin must be allowed.

4 thoughts on “Gay Marriages or Abortion: Pick one

  1. I was wondering what you thought about that question.

    So, when I responded, I picked gay marriage as well. Personally, I wouldn’t ban either, but in the context of the question I chose what I thought would be of greater necessity, which for me, was abortion.

    It’s interesting that a ban on gay marriage is often presented as the moral duty of the church. But if that is the case, shouldn’t adultery be punishable by law as well? What about lying? Not just in court, but in any circumstance? If you get right down to it, shouldn’t refusing to help the poor and needy also then be a crime?

    Gay marriage is an easy issue to pick on for Christians, and I think it’s one that makes them uncomfortable. Somehow allowing it is seen as an endorsement of “sin.”

    For me, opposing the ban doesn’t even come down to a question of moral belief, but of simple logic. The U.S. constitution protects freedom of belief, as well as a separation of church and state. We don’t live in a theocracy, and thus, gay marriage SHOULD be protected under our constitution.

  2. Interesting. I guess I’m guilty of assuming that all Christians would assume both were a sin, so would naturally go with the “greater” sin.

    I completely agree with you in comparing gay marriage to the other sins in society. And from a societal perspective, adultery (or even divorce) is the sin that should be banned since that taps a keg of other problems. Without divorce, you’d have more focus on kids (two parents to work on it), you’d have combined resources (less per person consumption in the US), and many others.

    Anyway, I agree with you; I don’t think the government should even be involved when it comes to a question of ethics and “sin”. I think it only should get involved when it comes to a question of protection. Abortion could be seen as protecting a baby, but I don’t see how gay marriage can be interpreted that way.

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