The Movie Reel

Can we move outside of the movie reel?  We actually belong there because the images on the frame are real.  Their perceived motion is not.  So our perceived motion through time is not real, but perhaps we can rejoin God outside of time.  Perhaps that is what all the great religions preach.

We speak of God, the angels, and heaven existing out of space and time.  This makes no sense to us unless we think mathematically of multiple dimensions greater than the 4 that we know.   Physically, we cannot envision any of these other dimensions.  Logically, they could exist.  Spiritually, these are the dimensions in which God must exist because only in that context can we make sense of verses that state that “a day is like a thousand years.”

Perhaps even the Garden of Eden was simply just the creation of the world in that 5th dimension just above the current 4.  We do not actually know how long Adam and Eve were in the Garden before they were evicted.   It might have been a few days, it might have been an eternity.  These are measurements in only 4 dimensions.  Perhaps to Adam and Eve, there time in the Garden was like an instant though it might have been infinite in time.  Sadly for them, their time trapped in the movie reel was almost a thousand years.

Not only does this solve the challenge of God’s infinite existence, but it also helps solve God’s omnipresence.  If God exists in a dimension outside of these 4, then it would stand to reason that God could then visualize and in fact affect any or all aspects of the object characteristics within the 4 dimensions.  Similar to how we can view the entire frame in the reel at once and of course jump frames which would be equivalent to looking forward or backward in time.

If this is the case and we are simply in the movie reel, then our goal is not to “go” to heaven.  There is no where else to go.  We are already there.  Our goal is to realize that we are just caught in this movie reel.  Something like what the Hindu and Buddhist sages have been preaching for centuries.  The means of release from the movie reel is to reject the “knowledge” of the movie reel.  Every religion preaches how best to accomplish this, but to accomplish it, the common factor is the rejection or submission of the Self to the rest of the movie reel.

My guess is that if and when we are in heaven, we will be one dimension higher than the current 4.  That is how we can take part in eternity.  However, we will most likely find that there is still one more dimension higher than that.  That is what makes Him God.

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