The pull of a conscience

What is it that makes us want to follow God?  In most circles, we call it a conscience.  Conscience though is probably the wrong word association.  For most of us, our conscience is what tells us that we are about to do something wrong or evil.  It acts as a watchdog for negative sin in our lives.  Negative sin being sin that involves doing something wrong.  What about sin that involves not doing something right, or just the general idea of dropping what we are doing to serve God or others?   Is that also our conscience telling that to us? 

Considering that there is no biological proof for a conscience, if a conscience does exist, it must exist through the framework of our thoughts and ideas.  In other words, it only exists in our minds. 

Somehow I don’t subscribe to this philosophy because almost everything in our mind came from a source outside the mind.  Society, family, or just general life experiences are the controls that have shaped our thoughts.  However even those people who are completely isolated from each other still observe similar ‘conscience’ thoughts.  In fact, at least one inadvertent experiment showed that if a person grew up in a box ,completely isolated from society ,they would still display some sort of conscience. 

What if we feel a conscience because the world was not designed (or evolved) to operate in this way?   As a society, we are in a constant battle with nature.  As if we are constantly walking up hill, and nature is working against us to pull us back down the hill.  Our so-called conscience is simply nature’s pull, or our own extra effort to work against nature. 

All of nature is described in terms of  ecosystems.  How plants ,animals and the environment identify a balance and then coexist within it.  And in every documentary on nature, man is never considered as part of that ecosystem.  We are always considered as outside, and in most cases, as the oppressor of that ecosystem. 

Society has persuaded us to think of ourselves as not a part of nature.  Our ‘conscience’ is simply trying to force us to rejoin it. 

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