The pull of a conscience

What is it that makes us want to follow God?  In most circles, we call it a conscience.  Conscience though is probably the wrong word association.  For most of us, our conscience is what tells us that we are about to do something wrong or evil.  It acts as a[…]

No other gods before me.

Thou shalt have no other gods before me. When we read this commandment, we think of all the man made idols that exist in other religions. We think of the giant, gold statue that Nebuchadnezzar erected and forced the entire Babylonian nation to worship. We think of the golden calf[…]

When doing good isn’t good enough?

Now that I’m quitting my job to see if I can actually discover God’s will for my life, I find myself confronted by so many people who are wondering why I am leaving.  I try to explain to them that I want to teach, I want to help people, etc…[…]

Preaching or Teaching

What’s the difference between a preacher and a teacher? I would love to be a teacher, but I can’t stand most preachers. The preacher is supposed to announce the gospel. Proclaim it. I suppose they can proclaim any part or story in the Bible. But should they teach? A teacher[…]

Holding out for a Miracle

I was watching some TV show in which one of the characters, the villain, stated that Americans spend over 20% of Medicare costs (almost half a trillion dollars) on the last month of a patient’s life.  The actual figure seems to be 24%.  With technology, we are becoming experts in[…]

The Movie Reel

Can we move outside of the movie reel?  We actually belong there because the images on the frame are real.  Their perceived motion is not.  So our perceived motion through time is not real, but perhaps we can rejoin God outside of time.  Perhaps that is what all the great[…]

Integrity without Knowledge

Working from India, the culture here is that it is almost an insult to a superior if an employee admits that they do not have the ability to perform a task or provide a requested piece of information.  There is also the individual’s pride which gets in the way.  But[…]

Getting Back on Track

The worst feeling in the world is to wake up one day and to wonder what you did with your life. We are given this gift for such a short time, and as Paul said, it is a race. Am I running the race? I sometimes think it’s better to[…]

Why do miracles seem to happen only in remote places?

We read about miracle healings in Natural Geographic magazines, missionary stories, and other articles from remote corners of the world.  Why do we not hear about them in what we would consider more civilized or educated communities.  Instead, the miracle we see in the educated communities are more along the[…]

Am I a Christian?

Everyone wants me to be a Christian.  Why is that?  Is it not enough that I say that I believe in God?  Is it not enough that I say that Jesus died as compensation or retribution for my sins in a way that I couldn’t even begin to understand?  I[…]

Now What?

Three and a half years ago, I decided that I needed to seek some shape or form of truth in which I could believe in.  In some truth in which much of the world made sense.  Having spent my early life as a Christian, I decided to depart from that[…]

Predestination Understood

The sermon on Sunday was fruffy.  My mind couldn’t focus on anything I was hearing.  So as usual, my mind started wandering more theological paths.  I looked around the room and realized that most of the people I knew would say they believe in all the attributes of God, but[…]

Jesus in the Marketplace

There are so many books written on how Jesus wants us to act in the marketplace.  Did Jesus really intend for us to live our lives within the marketplace? I recently read a management book on how to manage like Jesus.  It compared the 12 disciples as the leadership team[…]

Is Business Acceptable Within Christian Ethics?

Introduction In today’s business community, politically correct catch phrases such as “corporate social responsibility”, “transparency”, and even “integrity” are being tossed around freely in board rooms and news briefs.  This sudden focus on business ethics and business ethical responsibility has come about in a time where the size of the[…]

The Price was paid. What about the Cost?

Every good Christian knows the price of what was paid on the cross.  Mel Gibson showed us the physical aspects in detail.  We’ve heard numerous hymns that talk about the price that was paid for us.  So let’s take it as a given that a lot was paid.   What’s[…]

Gay Marriages or Abortion: Pick one

Recently, a friend of mine asked the question on Facebook, “if you had to vote to ban gay marriages or to ban abortion, which would you choose?”  She had a pretty good response.  What really surprised me was the number of people who voted to ban gay marriages. Depending on[…]

An omnipresent God or a pantheistic God?

Is there really a difference?  A pantheistic God is not only within everything, it IS everything.  An omnipresent God is only within everything.  Of course, if God is within all of me, then isn’t all of me God?   I feel that the problem is similar to how Jesus and[…]

What’s missing in education?

Education is supposed to prepare individuals for life.  Originally, education was about learning to read and write.  It was about providing the basic skills that are needed to advance ourselves in the world.  Education has evolved since then to more in-depth knowledge.  Many children and parents wonder how quadratic equations,[…]

God’s Free Will

Are we the sum of our synaptic connections?  Are we a culmination of all stimuli that our brain is exposed to given the original starting point within DNA.  Do all our decisions, our thoughts, even our conscious stem from these alone?  Or is there something else within us that helps form[…]