Judgementalness – A Peek Into Ourselves

Being the victim of a judgemental rant can hurt.  Such criticism quickly jumps to conclusions about ourselves.  How dare they assume they have the right to critique us in this way?  Whether or not the message itself is beneficial is besides the point. Today’s independent, isolationist culture asserts that judgementalism[…]

Which is more important, the crucifixion or the resurrection?

I’ve never really celebrated Good Friday until I came to India.  The concept of Good Friday seemed like a religious ritual, as it does for fasting for lent and communion. I had never even heard of the term Maundy Thursday until a few years ago. Easter on the other hand, is something of a national celebration,[…]

Is Business Acceptable Within Christian Ethics?

Introduction In today’s business community, politically correct catch phrases such as “corporate social responsibility”, “transparency”, and even “integrity” are being tossed around freely in board rooms and news briefs.  This sudden focus on business ethics and business ethical responsibility has come about in a time where the size of the[…]

Selfless Service

“You have control over doing your respective duty only, but no control or claim over the results. The fruits of work should not be your motive, and you should never be inactive. ” – 2:47 Bhagavad-Gita Personally, this is one of the most difficult concepts to grasp.  What is the[…]

A Merger of Capitalism and Socialism

This may seem like a deviation from the general theme of my other posts.  Most of my posts are tied to the thoughts that are running through my head at the time, and those are typically driven from the books that I am reading.  Currently, I am reading the Story of[…]

God’s Name

This is a quick follow-up post to my last post.  After having blogged on the difference between worshipping Jesus and God, I went to church on Sunday and came across the exact topic.  It had nothing to do with the sermon itself.  Since, after moving the service from 10am to[…]