Setting God as My god

Last night, I was at a Christian concert in which the choir director repeatedly spoke of how God was their shield from suffering, their savior when in need of recovery, and their provider when blessing was given.  God is all these things.  However, so is god. For a long time,[…]


BRHM.  In India, you might pronounce this Barahama (Brahma).  In the West, you might pronounce this Braham (Abraham).  It’s a pretty amazing coincidence that my uncle, a devout Christian, introduced me too.  If you consider the fact that Abraham’s wife was Sarah and Brahma’s consort was Saraswati, it becomes even[…]

Convergenism: The Natural Selection of Religion

Herbert Spencer believed that Evolution and Natural Selection could be applied to all aspects of the Universe.  To see if this can be applied at least to religion, we must first understand what the difference is between natural selection and random selection? I was watching “Jesus Among Other Gods” by Ravi[…]

Why I’m not a Hindu.

What’s the difference between Convergenism and Hinduism? When I was in high school, I was an ardent Christian, and I had some Hindu friends.  They couldn’t understand why I would not “accept” their religion.  In my mind, if I believed my religion, that meant that all other religions were false. […]

What is Convergenism?

Convergenism is derived from the word convergence which in turn is derived from the two latin roots “com” and “verge”.  “Com” meaning “together” or “in association” and “verge” meaning “to tend” or “to incline”.  Put them together, and we have my new word.  Except for one small part.  I’ve thrown[…]