Are our health problems caused by our own sin?

The Black Paint of Sin The Fall, that ill-fated action which changed the fate of man, had such a profound impact that none can fathom the extent of the repercussions that have befallen creation nor envision the ideal community that might have been . The invasion of sin into the[…]

Why would God create sin?

We live in a sinful world, created by God,  yet God is without sin.  This doesn’t make any sense.  Why, and even How, would a sinless God create sin?  So then is something else the cause of evil?  We understand evil to be all the morally, emotionally, and even physically[…]

Predestination Understood

The sermon on Sunday was fruffy.  My mind couldn’t focus on anything I was hearing.  So as usual, my mind started wandering more theological paths.  I looked around the room and realized that most of the people I knew would say they believe in all the attributes of God, but[…]

The Universe in 168 hours

Possibly the greatest conflict between science and religion has been creation.  The Bible “clearly” says the world and everything else was created in seven days, well six days plus one.  Every fact and theory that science has ever uncovered indicates an earth and universe much older than that.  Since around[…]