Wealth in Proverbs

Introduction The Book of Proverbs has forever been the vineyard for the ad hoc plucking of verses in support of the so-called prosperity gospel.  As Kaiser claims, “Few books have been assailed more frequently for suggesting a profit, success, or materialistic motivation for right action than the book of Proverbs”[…]

The Evolution of “My People” in Amos

INTRODUCTION What exactly is understood by the term, “My people”, a label often used by God to refer to the Israelites.  As the book of Deuteronomy dictates, it is a community in which is privilege and responsibility to God and His law are part and parcel.  Scudder presents Deut 10:12-22[…]

Is Business Acceptable Within Christian Ethics?

Introduction In today’s business community, politically correct catch phrases such as “corporate social responsibility”, “transparency”, and even “integrity” are being tossed around freely in board rooms and news briefs.  This sudden focus on business ethics and business ethical responsibility has come about in a time where the size of the[…]

Misinterpretation of the Golden Rule

“Do unto others as you would have done unto you.”  This is the Ethics of Reciprocity or the common interpretation of the Golden Rule. In this interpretation, critics argue that the rule takes on the meaning that if you don’t want something yourself, then you don’t have to do it[…]