Which is more important, the crucifixion or the resurrection?

I’ve never really celebrated Good Friday until I came to India.  The concept of Good Friday seemed like a religious ritual, as it does for fasting for lent and communion. I had never even heard of the term Maundy Thursday until a few years ago. Easter on the other hand, is something of a national celebration,[…]

Holding out for a Miracle

I was watching some TV show in which one of the characters, the villain, stated that Americans spend over 20% of Medicare costs (almost half a trillion dollars) on the last month of a patient’s life.  The actual figure seems to be 24%.  With technology, we are becoming experts in[…]

Why do miracles seem to happen only in remote places?

We read about miracle healings in Natural Geographic magazines, missionary stories, and other articles from remote corners of the world.  Why do we not hear about them in what we would consider more civilized or educated communities.  Instead, the miracle we see in the educated communities are more along the[…]

“We believe…” versus “We understand…”

In this article, it appears that Americans are losing their resolve to believe in their faith. The quote from the professor below shows that he feels that Americans are becoming very “shallow” in terms of their religion. Americans: My faith isn’t the only way In all, 70 percent of Americans[…]

A True Christian

The company I work for was founded by three deeply religious individuals.  It was started in the US, where I was employed for 10 years, and now I am a manager in the Chennai branch that opened a few years ago.  It’s a small company.  Other than myself, I have a managing director above[…]

Science Versus Religion

This debate has gone on long enough.  And I have no plans on ending it.  As usual, I’ll just shed my own thoughts on the topic.  Ultimately, it all boils down to the fact that I could never understand why religion was so against science.  This week, our great Pope[…]

Divine Inspiration

It’s amazing how easily we accept that the Bible is the divinely-inspired word of God.  As if God would not allow all the radically different versions of the Bible to tell a different story.  Somehow we believe that God would not allow us to go astray from his message.  At[…]

Einstein’s Cosmic Religion

Who would have thought that Einstein, of all people, was religious?  I’m reading a book on his views, lectures, and life examples that illustrated his belief in a God.  I would say he was more of a Hindu or a Buddhist.  He believed in a “cosmic religion” which basically means that[…]

Why I’m not a Hindu.

What’s the difference between Convergenism and Hinduism? When I was in high school, I was an ardent Christian, and I had some Hindu friends.  They couldn’t understand why I would not “accept” their religion.  In my mind, if I believed my religion, that meant that all other religions were false. […]

Jesus in the Eyes of a Hindu

This post will probably be repeated and expanded in various other posts as my own understanding grows.  Since I’m too lazy to spend three years of research before posting, consider this my first draft.  First, let me give a quick runthrough of the story of Jesus as it is told[…]

A Mother’s Words of Wisdom

My Mom is not someone you might term as a logical person.  She speaks from her heart, from her gut, her foot and only then her head.  For as long as I can remember, I recall times when my Dad, Brother and I would laugh at some of the crazy things[…]

Blind Men and the Elephant

Many people have heard the analogy of the blind men and the elephant.  But I’ll give you my version.  There are three teams in this game.  All three teams are located in different rooms.  They are told to pick one among them to go into the next room, observe something[…]


So this is the day that Jesus came to Earth to show us the way to Heaven.  In Matthew, it starts listing all the generations preceding Jesus.  It’s funny how he lists all this history from Adam to Joseph.  Then we’re supposed to come to the conclusion that Jesus was[…]

What is Convergenism?

Convergenism is derived from the word convergence which in turn is derived from the two latin roots “com” and “verge”.  “Com” meaning “together” or “in association” and “verge” meaning “to tend” or “to incline”.  Put them together, and we have my new word.  Except for one small part.  I’ve thrown[…]