Comparing Noah with Jesus

The story of Noah has many themes. God’s judgment and sovereignty. God’s promise not to destroy the world again, the rainbow being our sign. The fact that nothing changed is another theme. Mankind’s cursed sinfulness had festered to the point that God needed to destroy everyone, hit the proverbial reset[…]

The Nominal Christian

In a recent conversation, I realized that in India, the label of “nominal” Christian is very different than what I understood growing up in the US. In India, people are religious almost as an ethnicity.  You are born into a certain religion.  On your government applications, you check the religious[…]

Understanding the Character of God in Judges

Introduction Threaded through the cycles of Judges is the underlying character of God. Stitched with various literary techniques, three of God’s character traits rise to the surface: His desire for partnership with man, His anger over man’s betrayal, and ultimately His steadfast focus on His Will. A Desire for Partnership[…]

The Greatest Love…

Greater love hath no man than this that a man laid down his life for his friends.  This statement is simply wrong.  Let’s try “greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his neighbor.”  Even this is at best, incomplete. My neighbour might[…]

Are our health problems caused by our own sin?

The Black Paint of Sin The Fall, that ill-fated action which changed the fate of man, had such a profound impact that none can fathom the extent of the repercussions that have befallen creation nor envision the ideal community that might have been . The invasion of sin into the[…]

Why would God create sin?

We live in a sinful world, created by God,  yet God is without sin.  This doesn’t make any sense.  Why, and even How, would a sinless God create sin?  So then is something else the cause of evil?  We understand evil to be all the morally, emotionally, and even physically[…]

Which is more important, the crucifixion or the resurrection?

I’ve never really celebrated Good Friday until I came to India.  The concept of Good Friday seemed like a religious ritual, as it does for fasting for lent and communion. I had never even heard of the term Maundy Thursday until a few years ago. Easter on the other hand, is something of a national celebration,[…]

Inherently good or Inherently evil

I’ve been debating with myself for a while now on whether people are inherently good or evil.  Good in the sense that they would want what is best for others, but evil in that it can never come at the expense of themselves or what they love. For many, good[…]

No other gods before me.

Thou shalt have no other gods before me. When we read this commandment, we think of all the man made idols that exist in other religions. We think of the giant, gold statue that Nebuchadnezzar erected and forced the entire Babylonian nation to worship. We think of the golden calf[…]

Holding out for a Miracle

I was watching some TV show in which one of the characters, the villain, stated that Americans spend over 20% of Medicare costs (almost half a trillion dollars) on the last month of a patient’s life.  The actual figure seems to be 24%.  With technology, we are becoming experts in[…]

The Movie Reel

Can we move outside of the movie reel?  We actually belong there because the images on the frame are real.  Their perceived motion is not.  So our perceived motion through time is not real, but perhaps we can rejoin God outside of time.  Perhaps that is what all the great[…]

Predestination Understood

The sermon on Sunday was fruffy.  My mind couldn’t focus on anything I was hearing.  So as usual, my mind started wandering more theological paths.  I looked around the room and realized that most of the people I knew would say they believe in all the attributes of God, but[…]

An omnipresent God or a pantheistic God?

Is there really a difference?  A pantheistic God is not only within everything, it IS everything.  An omnipresent God is only within everything.  Of course, if God is within all of me, then isn’t all of me God?   I feel that the problem is similar to how Jesus and[…]


BRHM.  In India, you might pronounce this Barahama (Brahma).  In the West, you might pronounce this Braham (Abraham).  It’s a pretty amazing coincidence that my uncle, a devout Christian, introduced me too.  If you consider the fact that Abraham’s wife was Sarah and Brahma’s consort was Saraswati, it becomes even[…]

God’s Name

This is a quick follow-up post to my last post.  After having blogged on the difference between worshipping Jesus and God, I went to church on Sunday and came across the exact topic.  It had nothing to do with the sermon itself.  Since, after moving the service from 10am to[…]

To worship God or Jesus?

This is another post in which I’m clearly not ready to complete the subject.  I’m not sure if I’ll ever be, so let’s just call this a starting point.  Growing up, I was always taught to look to the Bible, the Cross, and sometimes even to pray to the picture[…]

Science Versus Religion

This debate has gone on long enough.  And I have no plans on ending it.  As usual, I’ll just shed my own thoughts on the topic.  Ultimately, it all boils down to the fact that I could never understand why religion was so against science.  This week, our great Pope[…]

Einstein’s Cosmic Religion

Who would have thought that Einstein, of all people, was religious?  I’m reading a book on his views, lectures, and life examples that illustrated his belief in a God.  I would say he was more of a Hindu or a Buddhist.  He believed in a “cosmic religion” which basically means that[…]

Why I’m not a Hindu.

What’s the difference between Convergenism and Hinduism? When I was in high school, I was an ardent Christian, and I had some Hindu friends.  They couldn’t understand why I would not “accept” their religion.  In my mind, if I believed my religion, that meant that all other religions were false. […]