Comparing Noah with Jesus

The story of Noah has many themes. God’s judgment and sovereignty. God’s promise not to destroy the world again, the rainbow being our sign. The fact that nothing changed is another theme. Mankind’s cursed sinfulness had festered to the point that God needed to destroy everyone, hit the proverbial reset[…]

A Mother’s Words of Wisdom

My Mom is not someone you might term as a logical person.  She speaks from her heart, from her gut, her foot and only then her head.  For as long as I can remember, I recall times when my Dad, Brother and I would laugh at some of the crazy things[…]

What is Convergenism?

Convergenism is derived from the word convergence which in turn is derived from the two latin roots “com” and “verge”.  “Com” meaning “together” or “in association” and “verge” meaning “to tend” or “to incline”.  Put them together, and we have my new word.  Except for one small part.  I’ve thrown[…]