Why would God create sin?

We live in a sinful world, created by God,  yet God is without sin.  This doesn’t make any sense.  Why, and even How, would a sinless God create sin?  So then is something else the cause of evil?  We understand evil to be all the morally, emotionally, and even physically[…]

Inherently good or Inherently evil

I’ve been debating with myself for a while now on whether people are inherently good or evil.  Good in the sense that they would want what is best for others, but evil in that it can never come at the expense of themselves or what they love. For many, good[…]

Integrity without Knowledge

Working from India, the culture here is that it is almost an insult to a superior if an employee admits that they do not have the ability to perform a task or provide a requested piece of information.  There is also the individual’s pride which gets in the way.  But[…]

Is Business Acceptable Within Christian Ethics?

Introduction In today’s business community, politically correct catch phrases such as “corporate social responsibility”, “transparency”, and even “integrity” are being tossed around freely in board rooms and news briefs.  This sudden focus on business ethics and business ethical responsibility has come about in a time where the size of the[…]


Church today was pretty good.  We had a brief tutorial on how to read and study the Bible presented by Paul, the President of HBI.  I really enjoy the way he structures his presentations because he sounds less like a pastor and more like a college professor, which he is. […]