The Others

Have you ever felt that something isn’t quite right with the world?  Usually, I get this way when I think about my perception of things.  We associate the color “white” with “good”.  If the color we see is really the color that is reflected from an object, then what we[…]

Einstein’s Cosmic Religion

Who would have thought that Einstein, of all people, was religious?  I’m reading a book on his views, lectures, and life examples that illustrated his belief in a God.  I would say he was more of a Hindu or a Buddhist.  He believed in a “cosmic religion” which basically means that[…]

Empty Space

Hindus and Buddhists both agree that the world as we see it is an illusion.  Christians and Muslims, though they may not mention the word illusion, agree that there is an alternate reality where Heaven exists.  For all religions, God exists in that alternate plane of existence, but of course,[…]