Setting God as My god

Last night, I was at a Christian concert in which the choir director repeatedly spoke of how God was their shield from suffering, their savior when in need of recovery, and their provider when blessing was given.  God is all these things.  However, so is god. For a long time,[…]

Why do miracles seem to happen only in remote places?

We read about miracle healings in Natural Geographic magazines, missionary stories, and other articles from remote corners of the world.  Why do we not hear about them in what we would consider more civilized or educated communities.  Instead, the miracle we see in the educated communities are more along the[…]

The Butchering of Prayer

Have you ever heard a pastor or elder pray for what seemed like an eternity?  How about heard all the prayers asking for blessings?  And they may not even seem like vain blessings.  Like “bless this food for the nourishment of our bodies” or “Lord please let me drive home[…]