Genesis 1:1-2:3 – Characters



  • God
  • Us (1:26)
  • Man

Position / Distance & Static / Dynamic

  • God
    • Static – unemotional
    • Distance – Center of narrator and audience focus. Affecting change in the situation
  • Us
    • Distance – Detached and irrelevant to narrative
  • Man
    • Distance – Detached and irrelevant to narrative

Stereotype and Gaps

Emotional Intensity & Irony

  • God
    • Emotional Intensity – He is unemotional throughout. No excitement, no drastic change intensity.
    • Emotional Intensity – Except at the end of the sixth day (1:31), the satisfaction of “it was good” turns to “it was exceedingly good”
    • Irony – God acts and approves his action. Ironic that God would evaluate and give his own action approval.
    • Irony – (1:29-30) God seems to just convey the fact that he has provided vegetation for all life to eat. However, he concludes with an “it was so” indicating an action was taken as per the previous instances.  This would indicate that this was a separate act of provision, not just a statement of existing fact.

Comparison and Contrast

  • God vs Us
    • God is the only active and known character. All others are suppressed.

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