Genesis 2:4-2:25 – Keywords, Phrases, Wordplay

Keywords, Phrases, Wordplay

  • Keywords – (2:4) Tholedoth (generations) – Interesting use of generations for the heavens and the earth.  Used to indicate a historical record.  Contrasts with the Gen 1 account which is more of a descriptive/suggestive process.
  • Keywords – (2:4)  adonai eloheem (LORD God) – First usage of Lord God, previous usages were simply “God”
  • Phrases – (2:23) – “Bone of my bone and flesh of my flesh.”  Theme of flesh and bone indicates a kinship bond.
  • Wordplay – (2:16-17) acol thocayl…moth thamoth  (eating you may eat/eat freely…dying you will die / surely die) – Emphasis on eating and dying.  The contrast between the two creates a greater emphasis on both.
  • Keywords – (2:18) ezer cenegdo (helper opposite/in front of him) – Opposite and In front of indicates complimentary.
  • Keywords – (2:19) yazar (formed) – Used for man as well.  God formed all life.
  • Keywords – (2:25) arumeem…velo yithbashashu (naked…they were not ashamed) – Contrast between nakedness and shame.
  • Wordplay – (2:25) azav…davaq (Leave…cleave) – Man to leave father and mother.  Cling to his wife.  One flesh.  Indicating the kinship bond between man and wife is stronger than man and parents.

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