Genesis 2:4-2:25 – Perspective, Coherence, Gaps, Foretelling and Double Causality

Perspective, Coherence, Gaps, Foretelling and Double Causality

  • Perspective – In the first two iterations of the structure, it is God’s perspective throughout.
    • He is refining creation with great detail
    • He is dissatisified in his evaluation of each iterations evaluation.
    • In the final iteration, perspective shifts to the man and approval and satisfaction are given.
  • Perspective – Narrator spends a great amount of time describing the garden in terms of rivers, trees, gold/jewels and overall beauty.
    • This contrasts with the relatively short attention given to the creation of the living creatures.
    • Even the creation of woman, though given more detail, is shorter than that of the Garden.
  • Perspective – Evaluation statements.
    • First Dissatisfaction – (2:18) God is speaking
    • Second Dissatisfaction – (2:20b) General observation. Could be God or Man.
    • Third Satisfaction – (2:23) Man is speaking.
  • Gaps – The Rivers and Locations are given but they are unclear.
    • Two of the rivers and locations are unknown. Cush and Havilah are possibly heavenly locations.
    • Does this indicate that the Garden is midway between the realm of God and the realm of creation?
  • Gaps – Tree of life is created alongside the tree of knowledge but never mentioned again.
  • Gaps – The formation of man is different from the formation of woman.
    • 2:24 clarifies this from a thematic standpoint indicating the kinship and one flesh connection between husband and wife.
  • Foretelling – The repeated dissatisfaction of no complimentary helper indicates that there might be a solution coming.

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