Genesis 3:1-3:24 – Keywords, Phrases, Wordplay

Keywords, Phrases, Wordplay

  • Wordplay – (3:1) aroom (cunning) – Wordplay with arumeem (naked) in 2:25.
  • Phrases – (3:4) lo moth thimuthoon (you shall surely not die) – Serpent takes the line of death to the other extreme.  Surely die (2:17) → die (3:3) → surely not die (3:4).
  • Keywords – (3:6) imah (with her) – Was the husband standing next to her during the dialogue with the serpent?
  • Keywords – (3:8b) vayithchabay (hid himself) – Since this is singular it indicates the man hid himself and his wife.  Was it only the man who did the hiding?
  • Wordplay – (3:8) “Walking in the garden”, “cool of the day”, “trees of the garden” allude to the peacefulness of the Garden environment.
  • Keywords – (3:15) vehayvah (hostility)
  • Phrases – (3:16) harbah arbeh (greatly multiply) – Emphasis on the multiplication.
  • Phrases – (3:16) izvonayk…behzehv (your pain…in pain) – Repetition and emphasis on the pain.
  • Keywords – (3:16) vehayronayk (groanings, labor) – Bearing children is painful.
  • Keywords – (3:16) thishuqathek (longing/urge) – Desire for or desire to possess/control.  Vav is “And” or “But” he shall rule depending on the understanding of the desire. 3:1 – aroom (cunning) – Wordplay with arumeem (naked) in 2:25.
  • Keywords – (3:24) vagaresh (drove out) – Contrast with vashalkhayhu (and he sent him out) in 3:23.  This contrast, combined with the cherubeem and the flaming sword, indicates a much stronger emphasis on the aggression of God.

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