Genesis 3:1-3:24 – Lexical, Story, and Concept Level Comparisons

Lexical, Story, and Concept Level Comparisons

The Sequence of Authority in the Created Order

  • Lexical Level
    • lo moth thimuthoon (you shall surely not die) – (3:4) Serpent is refuting not only the Woman’s assertion, but emphatically refuting God’s regulation.
    • 3:6 – Amount of time given to Man deliberating and eating is insignificant compared to woman.
    • 3:8-9 – God pacing about and seeking Man indicates a sense of helplessness and anxiety.
  • Story Level – Movement in Scene 1.  Begins with Authority Hierarchy in this Scene is Serpent, Woman, Man, God.
  • Concept Level – Contrast Story Level Movement with Authority Sequence in Gen 1 and 2.
    • God → Man → Woman → Living Creatures.
    • In Gen 3, the constant emphasis on the order of command and who obeyed whom indicates the reversal of the designed Sequence of Authority.

Blessings in Creation (1:27-29, 2:23) versus Punishment after Fall (3:14-19)

  • Lexical Level
    • Fruitful and multiply (2:28) → Pain in Childbirth (3:16)
    • Dominion over Living Creatures (2:28) → Enmity Between Serpent and Woman (3:15)
    • Vegetation for Your Food (2:29) → Thorns, Thistles, Cursed Ground (3:17-19)
    • One Flesh and a Complimentary Helper (2:23) → Conflict Between Man and Woman (3:16)
  • Story Level – In Gen 1 and 2, God was the one determining the roles, provision and the resulting blessings.  In Gen 3, Woman and Man determined the roles (3:6) and provision (3:7), and so God reversed his blessing.
  • Concept Level – God was the provider and delegator of responsibility.  When Man and Woman sought to change or “improve” this responsibility and provision, the Blessing was reversed.

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