Genesis 3:1-3:24 – Perspective, Coherence, Gaps, Foretelling and Double Causality

Perspective, Coherence, Gaps, Foretelling and Double Causality

  • Perspective – (3:1-6) In this scene, the narrator gives a clear indication of what is in the mind of the Woman.  In contrast to the Serpent, there is no perspective given as to why the Serpent would want to decieve the Woman.  Also, the narrator does not convey Man’s perspective until after the violation.
  • Gaps – (3:2-3) The Narrator does not inform us when or how Man tells Woman about the Regulation not to eat the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil.
  • Perspective – (3:7-8) In this conclusion to the first scene, the perspective is from both Man and Woman.
  • Perspective – (3:9-24) In the final two scenes, God’s perspective is the most clear.  Man, Woman and Serpent are passive in these final two scenes.
  • Coherence – (3:5-6) The rationale given by the Serpent is not related to the Woman’s Reasoning.
  • Coherence – (3:5,7) The opening of their eyes was promised to make them like God but the experienced their own nakedness.
  • Gaps – (3:6b) The Narrator shows Man’s acquiescence in extremely quick succession.
  • Coherence – (3:1-7, 11, 17) The emphasis in the violation is the tree itself.  The emphasis in the interrogation and the verdict is the command of God.
  • Gaps – (3:22-23) The Narrator does not make it clear why the Man and Woman must not eat of the Tree of Life.  Just that this was a source of great anxiety for God after Man and Woman had eaten the fruit.
  • Coherence – (3:23-24) Repeats the same action, that Man is sent out.
  • Coherence – (3:3,11) Name of the tree is constantly changing, whereas in Gen. 2 the tree’s name is constant.  In Gen. 3, it is never referred to as the “tree of the knowledge of good and evil.”
  • Gaps – (3:20) Unusual timing to rename Woman to Havva.  And unusual that Havva be only now named to the mother of the living, was she not performing this role before?

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