Genesis 4:1-4:16 – Keywords, Phrases, Wordplay

Keywords, Phrases, Wordplay

  • Keywords – (4:10) Cayin – spear
  • Wordplay – (4:1) Referred to as “the Man”, not Adam.  Only Adam is not specifically named in this narrative.
  • Keywords – (4:2) Havel → vapor, breath
  • Wordplay – (4:2) Havel referred as Cayin’s brother, not Adam’s son.  Emphasis on Cayin
  • Phrases – (4:3) mippehree hadamah (the fruit of the ground)
  • Phrases – (4:4) mivcoroth zono umaychlvayhehn (from the firstborn of his flock and the fat)
  • Wordplay – (4:5) Who kindled Cayin?  Did he kindle himself, was his anger itself kindled?  Or is the narrator specifically saying God kindled Cayin greatly?
  • Keywords – (4:7) shoeth (to lift)
  • Phrases – (4:7) thimshal bo (you rule in it)
  • Wordplay – (4:9b) lo yadathee hashomer ackee anockee (I do not know.  Am I my brother’s keeper?)  – Repetition of “ee” sounds indicating first person (“I”, “my”)
  • Wordplay – (4:10) Anthropomorphism. The blood crying.
  • Wordplay – (4:10-11) The ground took the blood of his brother.  Now, it will not give Cayin its strength. Even though he works it.  The ground is the source of his curse as it was also a part of his crime.
  • Keywords – (4:12) na vanad (tottering and wandering)
  • Wordplay – (4:11-14) Anthropomorphism. The ground has a mouth and face.  It opens its mouth, it receives blood, no longer gives its strength.
  • Wordplay – (4:16) Nod (wandering) – “Nod, east of Eden” – Specific mention to the location or is the location a generic name given based on the punishment


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