Genesis 4:1-4:16 – Lexical, Story, and Concept Level Comparisons

Lexical, Story, and Concept Level Comparisons

Comparison with the Fall of Adam and Eve

  • Lexical Level
    • Lord asking where are you? (3:9) → Lord asking where is your brother? (4:9)
    • Lord asking what have you done? (3:13, 4:10)
    • peri (fruit) Fruit from the tree of knowledge of good and evil → Fruit from the ground
    • gahrash (to drive out) → Both were driven out.
    • Theshuqah (desire/longing)…mahshal (rule) – Parallel between 3:16b and 4:7b indicates the conflict between man and sin.
      • Your desire shall be for your husband and he shall rule over you
      • Its desire is for you and you shall rule over it.
  • Story Level
    • Childbirth – Havva was punished through suffering in childbirth. She bore a child.
    • Tilling the ground – Adam was punished through suffering in tilling. Cayin was a tiller of the ground
    • Sudden change in demeanor. Adam and Eve realized they were naked and hid (3:7) and Cayin’s countenance fell and was angry (4:5).
    • Deferring blame – Adam blaming Eve/God and Eve blaming the Serpent → Cayin asking God if he is his brother’s keeper (4:9b)
    • God’s protecting them – Adam and Even given clothes (3:21) → Cayin’s sign (4:15b)
    • Driven out from the presence of the Lord (3:24, 4:16)
  • Concept Level
    • Punishment correlates to their role. Adam is punished in his working of the ground.  Havva is punished in child-bearing.  Cayin, a tiller of the ground, is cursed by the ground.
    • Breaking God’s command (3:17) and Doing good (4:7).  In both explanations, it is clear that the problem was a combination of understanding what one should do but not following it.

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