Genesis 4:1-4:16 – Repetition and Pace

Repetition and Pace

  • Pace – (4:1) Successive verbs knew→conceived→bore. The action is quick and leads to the statement from the woman.  Not referred as Adam’s son.
  • Repetition – (4:1-5) Repetition. ..brought…respected.
  • Repetition – (4:5-6) Repetition. To be kindled and to have your face fall.
  • Repetition – (4:8) ayl hevel achaiv (to Havel, his brother) – Repetition. Emphasis on the fact that it is his brother
  • Pace – (4:8b) Pace and brevity of action indicates emphasis is not on the murder itself.
  • Repetition – (4:14) pehnay (face) – Repetition. Driving out from the face of the ground is paired with hiding from God’s face. Similar to Adam and Eve, hiding from God and being driven from Eden.


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