Genesis 4:17-4:26 – Keywords, Phrases, Wordplay

Keywords, Phrases, Wordplay

  • Keywords – (4:17) eer – The city was named after this son.
  • Wordplay – (4:20-22) jabal…jubal…tubal – Names are poetic and all three indicating forms of flowing river, yet they are the founders of completely different and unrelated professions.
  • Wordplay – (4:22) tubal-cayin – Name represents his connection with Cayin.
  • Parallelism – (4:23a) Synthetic parallelism identifies the women as his wives who must listen.
  • Parallelism – (4:23a) Synonymous parallelism emphasizes that the wives must listen.
  • Parallelism – (4:23) Synthetic parallelism further explicates the individual as a young man while taking emphasis off of the personal injury.

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